There are high chances that you might have heard of bamboo steamers. But like almost everyone, you might not know what they actually do and how they work.

Bamboo steamers are too simple to even think about finding in the supermarkets. The great steamers are worth not more than 20$. A large portion of the steamers has different layers that you can prepare more than one meal at the same time.

You will also need a cooking pot along with the bamboo steamer which being higher a few inches from the water.

How To Use Bamboo Steamer

The Settlement of bamboo steamer basket

There are different sizes and tiers of bamboo steamers on the market. Such as 10-40” or more sizes available. The advantage of having multi tiers basket in the steamer is that you can cook several types of food at the same time.

So for getting started, you have to fill a pan with an inch or more of water and then bring it to a simmer. After the water is ready, all you have to do is set the steamer straightly on the pan, put the food in and close the basket lid.

Place Food in Your Bamboo Steamer

When putting foods in the steamer, don’t stuff them. Remember that their size will be bigger as they steam, because they need space to extend.

How To Use Bamboo Steamer

In the event that you’d like to steam something in a bowl or plate, there is no compelling reason to line the steamer, and you can put the shallow bowl or plate legitimately in the steamer bin, as long as the cover still fits on top and there is sufficient open space around the bowl or plate to enable the steam to ascend and flow around the nourishment. It is likewise a smart thought for the plate to have an edge, to gather any tasty sauce that may collect in the dish.

Not really sure about when you can use a bowl or plate to steam something? You can use it for steaming vegetables like butternut squash or pumpkin to make into different kind of dishes. You should additionally use this technique for dishes like Mushrooms and steamed chickens.

Place Bamboo Steamer in the wok

After that, you can either preheat your water with the goal that it’s stewing when you place the bamboo steamer into the wok or pot, or you can put the steamer into the wok when the water is as yet cold and after that turn on the warmth slowly as it heats up.

Except indicated, what you should do is put the steamer onto the wok or container when the water is cold, then turning on the power switch.

How To Use Bamboo Steamer

Allowing it to cook

While cooking multiple foods in multiple tiers, you have to remember some important points.

You have to place the foods at the bottom of the basket that actually takes longer cooking time. And like that, you need to stack the food towards up that has shorter cooking times.

You have to put the foods evenly in tiers so that they can be cooked evenly. Foods like dumplings, they have to be apart from each other at a minimum of 1 cm so that they don’t turn sticky. You wouldn’t want sticky foods after a long session of cooking now, would you?

You have to be careful about the cooking duration. So, you have to check every 2 minutes after the first 10 minutes so you don’t overcook your food. As a little tip, fish fillets take about 10 minutes to be cooked.

How To Use Bamboo Steamer

Taking care of the bamboo steamer

To be honest, your steamer doesn’t fit in the dishwasher, but you need to keep it clean and fresh. All you have to do is wash it in hot water and then put it in a ventilated place or even in the sun to make sure it’s completely dry.

Remember, every time you do this, your bamboo steamer will be less moldy and able to last longer.

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