Recently, More and more people use steamers to cook food. A steamer is a healthy, light fat diet that not only doesn’t lose the shape and taste of food, but also retains nutrients. A steamer is a multi-functional cooker, you can use it to steam rice, steamed buns, dumplings and so on.

How to use bamboo rice steamer

How to use bamboo rice steamer

The reason why the steamer can steam food is that it uses the principle of convection.

When the water boils, it generates a lot of steam, and the steam goes up, then it condenses at the top of the steamer, and goes down, it circulates heat to the food.

You can steam almost anything in the steamer, of course including rice. According to a Harvard University study, rice is rich in carbohydrates and has a glycemic index of 89. Although it is not suitable for people with high blood sugar, its delicious taste and balanced diet are still favored by many healthy people.

how to steam rice by using bamboo steamer basket

The 1st step

Wash the rice several times in cold water. Which is to wash away the impurities and reduce the starch in the rice. To do so, the cooked rice will not be too sticky. If you want to make rice easier to cook, you can soak the washed rice in cold water for about 3 hours.

How to use bamboo rice steamer

The 2nd step

Soak the rice and drain through a sieve. Then boil the water and put the steamer on the wok. Be careful keep the water not too much or too little. If too much, it will touch the rice and cause the rice to turn into porridge. If too little, the steamer will be burned around.

Then cover the rice with lining or cabbage leaves to retain moisture so the rice doesn’t stick to the steamer.

You can also use a wet cloth or vegetable leaf to cover the lid of the steamer to trap the heat, making the steamer hotter and cooking faster.

The 3rd step

When the water comes to boil, you can turn the heat down a little, just keep the water still boiling.

To keep the rice out of the water, you may need two or even three layers stacked on top of each other, so that each layer of rice is thinner and ripens faster.

The 4th step

Steam it for about 20 minutes. Check the water in the pan and don’t boil it dry. Once steamed, you can take the rice out of the pan and place in a special container.

Materials need

  • Bamboo steamer basket
  • Rice
  • Vegetable leaves
  • Pan or Wok
  • Lining cloth

Many tips

You can use broth instead of water to cook the rice, so that the rice will have the flavor of meat. You can also use cabbage or grape leaves as a cushion in the steamer, which also adds a subtle flavor to your rice.

In addition, when cooking rice, you can put some vegetables in the steamer, as well as corn, sweet potatoes, potatoes and so on. This way, when your rice is cooked, your multigrain foods are cooked too, which can save you a lot of cooking time.

After you steam and remove the lid, be careful keep your hands and face away from the steamer to avoid injury.




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