Cooking with a bamboo steamer basket don’t need professional knowledge, Anyone with no experience can do it. However, there are several tips to keep in mind so that your food will taste better.

Choose a wok or pan for bamboo steamer basket

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When steaming food in a wok or pan, make sure keep the water not too much so that the boiling water will not touch the food, also not too little so that it will not burn the steamer.

Before you start to boil water, it’s a good idea to check that your steamer and wok match well or not, and when you’re done, you’re ready to boil water.

Line the bamboo steamer

When cooking, you can put a mat or lining inside the steamer. This has several advantages. One is that it prevents the food from sticking to the bamboo pieces of the steamer, which makes it hard to pick up. The second is to prevent the smell pollution exists, the taste of some meat products will go into the bamboo, lined can prevent the steamed vegetables to have the taste of meat.

As for the lining material you want, there are no strict requirements. Some people use lettuce leaves, or banana leaves. Others used cabbage leaves or parchment. It depends on what you like. You can go to the supermarket and buy large sheets of parchment paper and cut them into circles as the size of the steamer, as long as you can fit the liner. This kind of lining is very cheap, you can buy dozens of them for only 5 dollars.


Steam food

When the water comes to a boil, then you can take the food to steam.

According to different foods, you can take different approaches.

If food needs to retain nutrients, it is better to put the food on a plate, and then take the plate into the steamer, so that the juices of the food will be retained.

If the steamed food is fatty meat, you can put it directly on the bamboo stick of the steamer. In this way, the grease will drop into the water during the steaming process, thus making the food healthy.

If you have limited time and need to cook a meal in a short time, here is a trick to remember. You can use a multi-tier steamer, with fish and meat on the bottom tier and vegetables and fruits on the top tier. Because the bottom steamer is closer to boiling water, you should take the ones that not easy to cook on the bottom and the ones that are easy to cook on top.

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The food you can cook with bamboo steamer basket

Cooking with a steamer is so versatile that it can be used for almost any food. It can be used for steaming food, or for hot dishes or rice. And it can be used to cook all kinds of food, whether you’re in Asia, Europe or America.

As we know that vegetable and steamer is the most suitable combination. Steamer basket not only retains vegetables original flavor, but also retains the appearance and texture without making them mushy. In the opinion of some cooks, the steamer basket is the only tool for steaming dumplings.

Some seafood, such as shrimp and crabs, are also good for cooking by steamer basket.It Not only can retain their shape, but also retain nutrients. Some people also use it to steam rice, wash the rice on the gauze, and then put in the steamer, 20 minutes or so can eat delicious food.

If you want to change your food flavor, you can use other soup instead of water. Such as Coca-Cola. This will give your food a whole new flavor. But that’s a little expensive. Or you can steam it with broth, which will give your food a fresh taste and more nutritious.

Clean the bamboo steamer basket

After you finish your meal, it is time to clean the steamer. It is easy to wash because you put the lining in the steamer before you steam the food, so the steamer doesn’t get dirty, you just wash the lining cloth. You can use hot water to wash the steamer and lining. It is recommended not to use soap, as there will be residue. After you wash it, rinse it several times.

After you washing and drying the bamboo steamer, store it . Remember to keep it in a well-ventilated, dry place, as moisture can cause mildew in the steamer. Follow these tips and your steamer will last a long time.

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Recently, more and more people pay attention to healthy diet. Also recognize that the bamboo steamer basket can cook food quickly and maintain a light and healthy diet. It’s a good substitute for other cooking tools. I’m sure you’ll like it after you use it once.




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