20Jul 2019
How To Use Bamboo Steamer

There are high chances that you might have heard of bamboo steamers. But like almost everyone, you might not know what they actually do and how they work. Bamboo steamers are too simple to even think about finding in the supermarkets. The great steamers are worth not more than 20$. A large portion of the […]

14Jul 2019
How to use bamboo rice steamer

Recently, More and more people use steamers to cook food. A steamer is a healthy, light fat diet that not only doesn’t lose the shape and taste of food, but also retains nutrients. A steamer is a multi-functional cooker, you can use it to steam rice, steamed buns, dumplings and so on. How to use […]

07Jul 2019
“steamer basket bamboo vegetable”的图片搜索结果

Cooking with a bamboo steamer basket don’t need professional knowledge, Anyone with no experience can do it. However, there are several tips to keep in mind so that your food will taste better. Choose a wok or pan for bamboo steamer basket When steaming food in a wok or pan, make sure keep the water […]

30Jun 2019
bamboo steamer

If you like a healthy diet but don’t want to spend hours preparing or cooking, then these round, multi-tiered cookware are for you. Cooking with a bamboo steamer basket allows you to keep your food nutritious, make authentic meals, and save tons of cooking time because of the high temperature of the steamer. Bamboo steamer […]

22Jun 2019

This is the first article of my blog, I hope to introduce some useful knowledge about bamboo steamer to you. Recently I suddenly thought that some of the daily kitchen tools I’ve always used may not be in everyone’s sight. So I decided to share with you why I love them and how to use […]