If you like a healthy diet but don’t want to spend hours preparing or cooking, then these round, multi-tiered cookware are for you. Cooking with a bamboo steamer basket allows you to keep your food nutritious, make authentic meals, and save tons of cooking time because of the high temperature of the steamer.

Bamboo steamer basket may not be for everyone, but if you are looking for a cheap and save time cookware to make a healthy meal, then it is perfect for you.

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Why you should choose the bamboo steamer basket

If you want to cook food the traditional way, the appeal of using a steamer is obvious. This convenient cooking tool not only preserves the traditional aesthetic culture, but also achieves the practical effect.

lighter and healthier

Many people cook their vegetables in water. This loses important nutrients. Steaming vegetables in a steamer is a good choice. A steamer helps preserve vitamins and trace elements in food.

Cooking food with bamboo steamer has other benefits. For example, you steam meat or other fatty foods, the steam takes the fat away from the food and makes your diet lighter.


Bamboo steamers are usually cheap,  you can buy one just for about $15, including a two-layer steamer and a lid. These steamers are also easy to find in general supermarkets and kitchen stores, Such as Walmart, Target and so on. Also, you can buy them online, such as Amazon and Alibaba.

Save your time

You can steam several foods at the same time. For example, you can steam vegetables on the first layer and cook fish on the second. The bamboo lid locks the steam in the steamer and allows the food inside to heat evenly.

The temperature in the steamer is very high, which allows you to cook food quickly. When you first start using a steamer, you don’t need to worry about the food cooked or not. Instead, you should always pay attention to whether the food is overcooked or not. This will save you a lot of cooking time.

Keep the food original

Since the process is mild, It makes food not only healthy but also keeps the original shape and color. Also, unlike other cooking tools that dry it out, it keeps food moist.


Because of bamboo’s natural ability to absorb water, there is no water drop onto the food. So you don’t worry about water dripping on the food and making it soggy. When you host a banquet, you will leave a deep impression on the guests when you serve a steamer and take out fragrant buns and dumplings from the steamer

Cooking with a steamer doesn’t require much equipment or expensive kitchen appliances. All it takes is an inexpensive steamer and an ordinary steamer, which is placed on top of the steamer, and the water is boiled to make delicious dishes. It’s that simple

The partner of the bamboo steamer basket

The steamer has one layer, two layers, three layers, etc., the more layers you can put more food, the top layer is the steamer cover, each layer is composed of many pieces of bamboo side by side, so that the food will not fall down. Steam rises between these bamboo slices to steam the food.

Bamboo steamers are often stacked on top of each other, with a dome-shaped lid, so that the steam is locked in, and the food is cooked by the constant circulation of high temperature steam.

If you want to cook a lot of food, you need to prepare a multi-tier steamer, I suggest you buy from the same store, so that there will no problem with the mismatch.

You need a wok

you’ll need a wok or pan, and they are for use with the steamer.

Put some water in the pan, neither too much nor too little. Too much your food will touch the water, causing the food to be boiled in water instead of steamed in a steamer. Too little your bamboo steamer may get burnt by the edges of the pot. I don’t think you want to see that.

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If you don’t have a wok, a pan will do, as long as you can fit a steamer. Anything works. Some people even put a steamer on a pot of boiling water.

If your food takes a long time to cook, it’s recommended that you use a wok, which holds more water than a pan, so you don’t worry about the water drying out and constantly replenishing it.

The ring of the steamer

Most of the steamers are made of pure bamboo, and some are fitted with a metal ring around the edges, which makes the edges wider, more durable and stronger. They are not easy to find on the market, but our factory can provide such a steamer.

Bamboo Steamer Ring

Final word

Now more and more people are realizing that bamboo steamer is a cheap way to cook fast and healthy. If you want to cook using bamboo steamer basket at home, just buy some and try.



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